Sunday gatherings

For most churches Sunday = church. We believe that church is a family of missionary servants sent by God to make disciples who make disciples. Therefore we see our Missional Action Groups as the primary organizing structure of the church. Sunday's are a great party and a family reunion. Our many missional action groups get to come together and celebrate Jesus, share breakfast, share stories of how God is working in their mission, sing together, pray together and be trained through teaching in the Bible. Our goal on Sundays is to equip Christians to be more effective in following Jesus on mission throughout the week. We have teachers, musicians, those gifted in hospitality, missional action groups, and prayer freaks that all help shape what we do on a given Sunday.

I would say our Sunday's do 3 things. 

1. Function as the "geek center". This is where we can learn truth from all over scripture and understand our faith more fully. While accountability, family, mission, meals, and rhythms happen all week long as our mags live as the church, Sunday is a unique learning environment.

2. Musical gifts. People who are musically gifted can lead us in musical worship and times of prayer/reflection

3. STORIES. We are able to share and hear stories of how God is at work in our other Missional Action Groups and celebrate the larger movement together.

Our Sunday Gatherings are at 10ish on Sunday mornings at the Central Penn College Conference Center