About US

Narrow Road Communities are a collection of Gospel Communities on mission. We call these gospel communities "microchurches."  We believe the primary organizing structure of the church is through microchurches who do life together on the mission of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples. If you'd like more information on how we live our faith together on mission please email Mike Jarrell at michaeljarrell@me.com

Our Mission

"Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter"- Spurgeon

Our mission is that every follower of Jesus would live out their calling to be disciple-makers and missionaries wherever they are. Rather than look at mission as something people travel across the world to get involved in we believe that every Christian should be captured by the truth that they are God's people called on His mission to make disciples in all of life wherever we happen to be. Our prayer is that Jesus would be the center of every persons life. Jesus should impact the way we do home life, who we eat meals with, how we show love, and the way we rest, recover, and spend time in solitude. Jesus is the key to life. Our job is just to introduce and welcome others into the family so they can be set free to walk with Jesus as well.